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Self Mastery Schools


Masters Way: Path of Light

The Path of Light is the first level of the Masters' Way self-mastery school.

It is a profound spiritual course that guides you to reconnect with your spirit at a deep level and to come into mastery of your life. It is the first of three levels created by the Ascended Masters of Light who hold this mastery themselves. The course was channeled from the Ascended Masters by In'Easa mabu Ishtar over 10 years in loving service to humanity.

This course introduces you to your spiritual self and helps you to understand your energetic body -  how to work with the chakras, the Universal matrix, your soul, your monad, the light body, karma, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more. 


Through 30 lessons and audio meditations, you will learn how to connect with your spiritual self and expand your consciousness (9 months).  


The Path of Light teaches you about the power that you hold within you to manifest your reality on the Earth to meet your highest potential. It will show you what tools you need to use to create a balanced and harmonious life for yourself on the Earth.

Open To Channel

Open to Channel is an advanced school for anyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual connection, to open to their higher potential, and to connect deeply through their divine channel with their Higher Self.


Open to Channel teaches you to open your divine channel to your sacred spirit so you can share this in loving service with all beings, no matter where you go or what you do.

As you walk through this journey, you will learn how to co-create your reality on Earth with the support and guidance of your Higher Self. During this time there will be many opportunities for you to grow and be activated by the light of your Higher Self if you choose to open to this.

As you experience Open to Channel through channeled activations and teachings from the Ascended Masters, you will learn to open your channel pillar to your higher consciousness and no more channel your lower shadow aspects.

A student study manual with 40 lessons and many audio recordings are supplied, you will also benefit from working in your groups together (12 months).

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