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His energy is constantly in the vibration of love. So profound are the gifts his soul has come to share, bringing a clarity that instantly grounds you into your body where you can hear and feel your own deep wisdom rising up within.
The guidance of so many spirits and ascended masters flows through Shimara with such grace and ease, delivered with a resonant power and an intention of the highest divine love, combined with the most magical light language.


“Shimara, thank you for another beautiful session. I feel clear, lighter and have a fresh perspective since seeing you. My husband is very happy after seeing you as well, and he felt lots of love and positivity from you. I have noticed a huge difference in our dynamic since seeing you and lots of great positive transformations happening in our home. You are an angel. I cannot thank you enough”. Emma


I work in the area of social justice with at risk youth. Over the years the personal toll this had on me was profound. I began to suffer from depression and anxiety and needed help. I was recommended to Shimara for body work to realign and stabilize myself. Within a few sessions, I began to rise out of my negative emotions. He also wisely recommended me daily guided meditation coupled with a focus on correcting my diet. Through Shimara’s wisdom and guidance I have rebuilt my life and I am delighted to say a better man for it.


I have chosen Shimara to help me energetically, and spiritually, while going through some life changes, and I feel in very capable hands - he's a genuine, integrated healer. I have had some profound emotional surfacing during and after our sessions, so look forward to continuing a great journey together.


Shimara is such a dear brother to my heart, and he offers such special gifts in the way of energy healing ~ clearing/balancing and working with your guides / ascended masters. He holds such a beautiful, safe and divine space. I have experienced such profound transformations journeying with this brother, and I have been so blessed to be held in such a pure space, by a man who is truly committed to his path of service and love.


I had never done an energy healing before so I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t even certain if I would “get” anything from it – the way you would from a regular counselling session, massage or any other form of healing therapy. To my surprise, I gained a new perspective about myself that has been transformative – namely how to forgive myself and others for the mistakes and poor judgements we’ve made in the past. Shimara is great at what he does – and whilst I don’t pretend to fully understand it, I could definitely FEEL it by the time I left. Since our session, I feel more confident being my authentic self now – embracing my imperfections as part of my divine perfection. I’ve been having meaningful and healing conversations with the people that matter most to me. He helped me unblock negative emotions and energy that I was storing inside. On top of that, he has a lovely space where he does his healing sessions. You can tell he really cares about the well-being of his clients and is doing this as part of his calling. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced with this type of healing, I encourage you to give it a go – you will be transformed by Shimara.


I am not sure if there is another living soul in the planet who has the expertise, gift of healing and human goodness as Shimara.
I have had 5 healing sessions with him for severe trauma. 
All i can say is that he truly walks his talk and has the true gift of healing and I have been able to function in a more positive way as a result. 
If you see no other person to assist you in your life- make sure it is him.


Dear Shimara: Enormous thanks for the fabulous session. 
Your capacity to take me into a deeply meditative space was such a delightful surprise and I could feel the energy pouring from your hands. 
I had an amazing nights sleep and feel in a heightened state and much clearer with my direction.  Deep gratitude and appreciation for all you do.


I worked with Shimara for couple of months and the transformation is unbelievable. I am very different now and my new life is a refection of that. I got a new job and a new home and my sessions with Shimara had a lot to do with it. I feel clearer, joyful and more optimistic about life and my future. The way he hold space for me always made me feel very safe. 
Big thank you.


My session with Shimara was actually quite good. I saw him for stress and insomnia issues. After one session i felt so much relaxed and at peace with life. My wife noticed the difference straight after i came back home from the session. It's like he took a weight off my shoulders. I have been sleeping much better since I saw and as a result i feel more energy everyday.


My healing session with Shimara was a beautiful experience. He created such a calm and peaceful environment which allowed me to completely let go and experience the true Grace of God. My heart cracked open to receive so much love, leaving me glowing with gratitude and bliss. Thank you for the healing.


My first session with Shimara was very magical. He has amazing healing capabilities. He is a true gift from God. I started with Reiki and after a few sessions I knew it was time to receive Grace, it was so surreal. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is looking for some healing.  He treated my headaches, shoulder pain and anxiety.


I am a professional dancer and sometimes it is difficult to perform when there is a critical injury. I receive healing from Shimara and the pain on my lower back was completely healed after one session. I am totally amazed by his gifts.


What an incredible experience! Words cannot describe what I felt not only during but after the sessions. Shimara has supported me through our sessions whilst I had difficulty coping with uncomfortable changes in my life. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.


Even though I am not normally into energy healings, I went to him and from the first session, I knew there was something special about him. He has treated me for headaches, neck pain, hiccups and anxiety. After each treatment I always feel like a new person.


Shimara is kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and was the only person who was able to help me to relax and let go of the stress that I have been carrying for a while. Highly recommended!


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